Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hitting the Hunger Target Twice with Bullseye Steakhouse

One Valenzuela and hubby are usually on the lookout for interesting finds and places in the city. In one of their morning joyrides, they noticed this restaurant located at Gen. T. De Leon. The timing was just perfect since they were both hungry. 
Bullseye Steakhouse
Upon entering, one will observe that the interiors of the restaurant made use of beautiful wood. The checkered tablecloth also blends well with the earthly brown color.
Look at how shiny the ceiling is! 
Bullseye has been serving good food to the public for almost a year now. They first offered steaks and later on incorporated Chinese food since their customers are looking for them.
You may sit here and snap a photo or two.
Inquisitive One Valenzuela asked a few more things about the restaurant. She also learned that they have a function hall upstairs that can accommodate 100 to 150 persons. Several wedding receptions and parties have already been held there over the months.
The cactus pots near the windows add more detail to the cowboy theme.
Gotta catch the bull first!
Bullseye's menu primarily boasts of their house specials, the t-bone steak and porterhouse steak. Bullseye also has rice toppings (i.e. sweet and sour pork, lapu-lapu fillet with tausi, braised beef brisket), beef (i.e. beef curry, beef tenderloin Chinese style, beef ampalaya with tausi), pork (i.e. patatim, crispy pata, salt and pepper spareribs), chicken (i.e. fried chicken, szechuan chicken, crispy lemon chicken), seafood (i.e. steamed lapu-lapu, calamares, salt and pepper squid), and vegetable (i.e. chopsuey, lohan chay) viands. Craving for something light? They also have noodles which starts at Php120.00 per order.
One Valenzuela is about to check out the Bullseye menu.
Hubby and One Valenzuela tried their camaron rebusado and  brocolli with oyster sauce. They ate these with a huge heap of yang chow rice. Big breakfast!
Camaron Rebusado (Php200.00)
Brocolli with oyster sauce (Php120.00)
Yang chow (Php120.00)
Porterhouse steak at Php170. According to the staff, another must try on their list is the T-bone steak.
The couple's interest towards the restaurant's bestsellers persisted even though they are so full. With the consensus that they will not eat the rice, One Valenzuela ordered Bullseye's porterhouse steak. The whole plate looks so grand with the metal gravy sauce. Hubby gave it a rating of 7 yummy points out of ten. 
Top shot of Bullseye''s Porterhouse Steak
And as the title of this post has suggested, One Valenzuela visited Bullseye again to try out their other food offerings. On this second occasion, she ordered special lomi, fish fillet, and graham dessert together with hubby and Little One Valenzuela.
Special lomi. One Valenzuela was only able to get the price for the regular lomi which is Php120. Lost the receipt! The prices are not that much different from one another.
While sipping some hot lomi soup, One Valenzuela eventually observed that the ladies serving the customers are all dressed like cowgirls! They wore checkered blouses and jeans, paired with leather boots. The last time One Valenzuela and hubby went there, they were just wearing black shirts. They look so pretty!
Cheese and butter fish fillet (Php150.00)
Graham dessert (Php50.00)
In those two occasions, One Valenzuela went out of the restaurant with a happy tummy. She recommends Bullseye Steakhouse for group gatherings and casual dining. If dining solo, give their steaks a try as well as their rice toppings.

Yeehaw for today, Valenzuelanos!

How to reach Bullseye Steakhouse:
From Malinta, ride a jeepney along McArthur Highway going to Monumento, Caloocan City (Php8.00). Go down at Karuhatan (Landmark: Baker's Fair) and walk towards the jeepney terminal (signage: Ugong) which you will see after passing by the market.

Ride the jeepney at the terminal (Php8.00). When you see an Iglesia Ni Cristo church at your left, then you are almost there. You will already have a glimpse of Bullseye Steakhouse's wooden door a few meters from the said church.
Bullseye entrance
Bullseye Steakhouse
Address: 4006 Gen. T. De Leon, Valenzuela City
Contact Numbers: (02)443-1930 and (0933)667-5023
Business hours: 9am to 10pm, Mon-Sun
Like Bullseye's Facebook page here.